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Lab-Created Diamonds 101

01 November, 2022

What You Need to Know About Lab-Created Diamonds!

by TLD Fine Jewelry | Nov 1, 2022 | Engagement Rings, Wedding Sets

Let’s begin with understanding the meaning of lab-created diamonds. As the name suggests, lab-created diamonds are created in a laboratory. They are referred to by various other names, such as cultivated diamonds, man-made diamonds, synthetic diamonds, and artificial diamonds. They are identical to natural diamonds as their physical, chemical, and optical look and composition are similar to a natural diamond. The only difference is the origin. The exceptional process in technology has made this possible.

The debate between lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds is a tricky one. Everyone has their reasons to back up either one of them. However, here are a few points that can broaden your perspective on buying a lab-created diamond.

  • Natural diamonds take billions of years to form. Therefore, the extraction of these diamonds is an environmental hazard. Mining diamonds destroy the landscape, flora, and fauna of the area. Moreover, it comprises the well-being of the laborers working at the mining site.
  • The difference in cost is significant. Imagine getting the dazzle and sparkle at a fraction of the price. It can save you a lot of money which can be used towards the down payment for a house or your dream car, a holiday with family or your partner, your wedding, etc.
  • Lab-grown diamonds take a few weeks to be created, while natural diamond formation takes billions of years.
  • Lab-grown diamonds are affordable for people on a budget crunch, especially those planning to propose to their partner.

The origin of a lab-grown diamond is known to all, and it evades any unethical means. However, over the last few decades, the mining industry has been scrutinized because of unethical production activities.

The popularity of lab-created diamonds is rising quickly. A buyer decides they are worth buying. You might choose an organic diamond as it has a mysterious origin and is created by mother nature which might be significant to you. You may also like the one that is cultivated, shiny, and signifies modern love.

There shouldn’t be any competition between lab-made and natural diamonds since both represent love, irrespective of cost, grade, and size. Eventually, all that matters is your love for the diamond and what it means to you.