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Show Mom How Much You Care

28 January, 2022

Mother's Day

by TLD Fine Jewelry | Jan 28, 2022 | Mother’s Day Jewelry

This Mother’s Day, show Mom how much you care, and step up your gift-giving for the ladies that make the world go ‘round. If you have children, handmade cards are sure to win her heart. Flowers and breakfast, with no help from her, will also start the day with smiles. And to really put stars in her eyes, a little something sparkly from you will give mom all the feels. Because the past year was laden with stressful homeschooling, remote working, and women taking on the brunt of both, we think moms deserve a little more in 2021! At TLD Fine Jewelry, we say “thank you” best with jewelry. Let her know how much she’s appreciated with a thoughtful gift that will last a lifetime.

Choosing Mother’s Day Jewelry

When you choose fine jewelry to honor your wife, mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, step-mom, or other mother figures in your life, you’re showing timeless appreciation. The best way to honor her is to select a gift that fits into her lifestyle. It shows you care and are aware of what’s on her plate (bonus points- you’ll get all the credit for thinking this way!) One thing that all moms have in common in 2021, is their need for relief and a bit of femininity.

Jewelry for Sporty, Active Moms

Mom may not be frilly, but she’ll fancy anything streamlined and shiny that melds into her lifestyle. Fine chains, lightweight pendants, and stud earrings make a great choice. We’ve vetted these love knots, diamond studs, and engravable heart bracelets that feel invisible. If she plays tennis or golf or is active in other ways, a tennis bracelet will thrill her while feeling seamless on her wrist.

Jewelry for the Classic Mom

If mom is a classic beauty, she’ll love staggered diamond chain necklaces in white gold or a knot style to represent your family’s eternity like these. Charm your Irish matriarch with this lucky clover necklace or simple diamond bar necklace here. For the mom or grandmother that has been through decades of family life, we recommend this beautiful circle of life pendant in everlasting diamonds or this stunning solitaire surrounded by a halo of diamonds. A great mother-in-law gift is a necklace that out “MOM” in diamonds- she’ll thank you daily! Our on-trend paperclip necklace will be her favorite for years to come. No matter the mom’s age, this style is lightweight and simple enough for everyday wear, while making a statement with any outfit.

Jewelry for New Moms
Younger moms will feel the love with nameplate necklaces like this one in script or a bar style in white gold with simple initials in various shapes and metals. This modern and streamlined trio of initials allows you to customize for children’s names or a family monogram. Simple and elegant gold heart drops and makes a statement while staying within your budget.

Personalized Jewelry for Mom

Tell mom how much she means with a heartfelt gift. Personalized jewelry reminds her of the precious people in her life- from initials or birthdates to birthstones, something that reflects her personal style will leave a lasting impression. Does she have a favorite color? We love this sapphire necklace, which is also available in all birthstones. List the kid’s names on this necklace, so they’re always close to her heart, or give her a circle pendant with her initial.

Did you know that Taylor LaRue Designs was developed as the modern outpost of a heritage of family jewelers? With a busy mom as the co-owner, we understand what makes women happy and how fine jewelry functions in everyday life! When it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day, let our styles inspire you to make a jewelry selection that will warm her heart for years to come.